Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Blog

This, unfortunetly will be my last blog. With this countries economy being so dangerously low, job opportunities are shrinking for everyone white or black. It is becoming hard for many Americans to even support their families. Like the many families we saw in class. This economic state of this country is terrible right now and we need to all come together as a nation and support each other in this struggle to re-establish our economy. All of us people, no matter what nationality, need to but aside our petty differences and work together. All of this racism must stop, not only in the workforce, but nation wide. If we want to fix our current situation and help people in need we must be united.

Video Clip #2 This video is very old and out dated but i decided to use it anyway because it is an exageration of the harsh reality that many black men a women face still in this day and age. There are many black men and women that feel that no matter what job they apply or interview for they will lose to another white person who may even be less qualified but get the job because they are white. This horrible situation still happens to thousands of people everyday, although not as bad as it appears this video it does still exist and must be stopped. It brings the question to ones mind of, will this ever stop? I hope that it will stop someday for the sake of many people's lives. The harsh reality is that if it does ever stop it will not be for sometime. A sad but true fact.

An Affected Community

I decided to write this blog about the lower class black community that is greatly affected by racism, especially in the workforce. The lower class black communities have struggled greatly for years. Racism has opressed these communities for a long time. These communities have had so many problems with drugs, violence and diseases such as AIDS. All of these problems have harmed the black communities and due to racism, they are ignored and shoved aside while the white upper classed communities thrive with help from society and the government. Communities like these get shuned because people feel that they are unsaveable. On top of that people within these communities feel trapped as if they have no other options in life. Obviously the lower black communities are suffering the most from racism and the fact that it is harder for them to jobs as easlily as the few white people within these communities, does not make it easier. In fact it makes it much harder for these young black people to maintain hope and strive for a better life.

article on racism This article that I found was mostly about racism as a whole and not directly in the workforce, but I felt that it was still relevant to my bog topic in the sense that it proves my point that racism still exists in this day and age. And if racism still exists in society today it must be present in the modern workforce. This article went into the defitions of racism and why it still exists today. Some scientists believe that racism and racial prejeduce are an evolutionary by-product of early human survival strategies to decipher from friend or foe. It was through the process of natural selection that the human brain was programmed to rely on physical markers to assess the threat potential of competing tribes and clans. In prehistoric tribal societies, interpersonal interactions among tribal groups were also noted to be potentially dangerous in terms of disease transmission. I was unaware of these facts before I read this article but after hearing them I found them to quite obvious. It makes sense that racism stemed from being afraid and cautious of other tribes and clans. A major part of it is that people instinctively are always afraid of what is different.

video clip This video that I found on brought another racial point in the workforce to my attention. I have been focusing my previous blogs all on the black communities issues in the workforce and completly forgot about the problem with illegal immigrants in the workforce. This country has a very large problem with illegal immigrants. This video shows thousands of legal and illegal immigrants protesting the new laws on immigration that would make them felans. The arguement against the new immigration laws is that the illegal immigrants can sneak into our country and join the workforce but if caught they will be conficted of a felony under these new laws. These illegal immigrants are taken advantage of in the workforce. People hire them because they are illegal immigrants and will work for very little, due to the fact that they have no other choice. This takes jobs away from lower class Americans as well as hurts the immigrants. We need to ask ourselves if it is okay for them to work in this country illegaly and be prosicuted as a felon if caught? I feel that the answer is simple; it is wrong that they can get jobs in this country and then be prosicuted. It should be that they cannot work hear if they are illegal or that if they work here they cannot be prosicuted.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post #6

New studies have found that in areas where low skilled jobs are predominently held by whites, blacks that live in the area as well are less likely to get a job. The problem is not that there are not enough jobs, but that there are not enough jobs for blacks. Meaning that the jobs are out there but the employers are much more likely to hire the white male over the black male. The black male has a much harder time aquiring the job because the white male is more likely to be hired because the way society views the general black male population. The public has a poor perception of black males. According to the site there are many jobs held by white people in areas where blacks live, including low education areas. With the greater number of whites holding the jobs in these areas, the lower the chance that young black men have to aquire the jobs. researchers suggest discrimination or lack of labor market networks are likelycauses of why these jobs are not offered to these young black men.

Post #5

Confronting Racism at work
All this fuss about the Met reminds me that I spent a fair bit of time in my office the other day dealing – as I so often do – with racism. The pervasive nature of racism in the workplace means that it is present as an element of many of the circumstances with which union reps have to deal – and it is perceived to be present in many circumstances as well (and the two sets of circumstances overlap but are not coterminous).Our Union rightly devotes great energy to the overt offensive racism of the BNP and I wholeheartedly support all attempts to drive them back into the sewers where they belong.However, for many of our black members it is the everyday experience of institutional racism in the workplace which is the problem the Union needs to confront.And it is tricky.
This is a blog from an average man who has to deal with racism in the work place everyday. This guy is a union rep and has to deal with racial problems day in and day out. The union he works for is supporting the extinction of this racism in their union and do what they can to expel this horrible issue. The man that wrote this blog above agrees whole heartedly with the companies efforts to get rid of racism in the work place.